Tactical, local, no nonsense growth marketing.

Tactical, local,
no nonsense
performance marketing.

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Hey there,

Welcome to Agence Fox. We are an integrated growth marketing agency based out of Montreal, Canada.

Agence Fox was born out of the need for its founder PJ Goupil to have a one-stop team to manage all the marketing efforts of his entrepreneurial ventures with the business (revenue) goals in mind. Being creative and aesthetically pleasing is a must for any marketing team, but it is equally important to be efficient analytically to help the business earn new clients and grow.

Traditionally, to achieve these results, a slew of different marketing agencies were needed, leaving the entrepreneur to manage and coordinate between every party. Agence Fox is against this principle. In our opinion, greater results will happen when every aspect of the client’s communications and growth efforts are managed by the same team working side-by-side. If extremely technical out of scope work is needed, we will represent the client and find the help needed. However, in most cases, we have so many low-hanging fruit to catch that speed is more valuable, and thus the Agence Fox agency model proves itself to be more cost-efficient and quick to market than other solutions.


Agence Fox takes care of its clients platforms (website, online listings), content creation (photo, video, graphic design), social media engagement, digital media buying and optimization, influencer marketing and PR efforts. All of this is done on a continuous annual basis, splitting up the year in actionable and goal-oriented, analytically driven 90 day plans. We don’t do one-time campaigns, fly in and out. We stand side-by-side with the entrepreneur and fight alonside him to achieve his business goals.

Welcome to Agence Fox. A marketing agency that likes numbers, and likes to win.







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