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Our mandate

Agence Fox’s work was focused on helping the client promote the penthouse units of the iQuartier Real Estate project.

In addition to building a website, creating content, building and managing a social media presence and launching ad campaigns, our team also executed a Lead Generation campaign, driving prospective buyers directly to the client.

Our previous experience with the nightlife and hospitality industry helped us not only see but also present the product as more than a home. We used what we know to showcase and sell the lifestyle that can come from living in such a vibrant neighbourhood.

The project

Strategically located at the center line of Montreal, where east meets west, at the intersection of Boulevard St. Laurent & Sherbrooke Street, also known as the «main» is the home to the new iQuartier condos. iQuartier Condos was a special design challenge with a very satisfying result. Mandated to create an outstanding building in form and in function with the program and the significant surroundings to be considered, we designed within the context of a unique building prototype of flexible, smart condominium housing.

iQuartier Condos is unique in the hotel services from which it benefits, and this makes for a savvy investment with its exclusive alliance to Hotel 10. iQuartier condos also offers rental service; imagine being away on vacation and upon request, your condo is rented and revenue is generated; all the while you are away and relaxing.





Cocktail Bar




Branding & creative direction


Promotional videos created over one year


Unique influencer collaborations